About Us


Many children and young people in the UK are currently missing out on the opportunity to learn lifelong transferable skills as they are being failed by the education system. There are many reasons for this including: (i) children with special needs often have to wait months or years both for a diagnosis and then to be placed in an appropriate educational setting; (ii) a lack of suitable training for educational professionals and (iii) a lack of alternative education provision.


Riding Stars will offer children and young people with special needs and disabilities a non-classroom based environment in which they are able to learn and develop a range of lifelong transferable skills they will be able to use throughout their life and in the workplace. There is a wide body of research which shows that these skills can successfully be taught to these target groups through contact with horses helping them both educationally and emotionally.


The lifelong transferable skills children and young people learn from caring for horses will provide them with invaluable tools to use throughout their lives and also to potentially take into the workplace. The development of these skills will be demonstrated through their increased ability to undertake activities to care for horses with decreasing amounts of supervision. We also will look to receive feedback from parents/carers on how these skills are being used outside of the project.


Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We will initially look at special schools and schools with a higher than average percentage of children with SEND in the vicinity of the project. We will also be happy to receive referrals from GPs; schools and local education authorities as well as directly from parents and carers.

Why Us?

Our charity’s main objective is to ensure that children both receive an education and are more able to make the most of the educational opportunities they receive. The project is overseen by staff both with experience of teaching children and young people with SEND as well as working with these groups in contact with horses.  We are building up a team of suppliers and support staff who under the direction of the Project’s Head, Polly Lambden, are working to ensure that Riding Stars will be in a position to help with the education of as many young people as possible.  At present the Project’s horses and staff are undertaking the extensive training and qualifications required to work with children and young people with special needs and disabilities and we hope to have the project fully up and running in 2019.  To keep up to date with our progress and latest fundraising please sign up for our newsletter.