This page will provide information on the milestones the Riding Stars project has achieved on its journey from being an initial idea to where it is now.


January – the initial idea of starting a project to teach lifelong transferable skills to children and young people through contact with horses is discussed between the Chairman of Education 4 Everyone (Dean Brockway) and one of the Charity’s new volunteers (Polly Lambden).  The idea is then presented to the Charity’s Board of Trustees who approve the idea in principal.

July – Polly Lambden is appointed as head of the Riding Stars Project and her two horses (Legend and Cracker) become the Project’s first two horses.  The horses were moved to what we hoped would be a long term home for the Project in Surrey, however this was not to be due to broken promises.

September – The Project acquires a third horse, Sparkle, who is moved to join Legend and Cracker in Surrey.

December – After several months, and a couple of let downs, we finally found a new home for the horses, in Hertfordshire, which offered all the facilities necessary for the training of both the horses and the Project’s staff.


January – Training of the horses and other staff starts under the guidance of the Project’s head Polly Lambden.  The Project’s social media profiles (links on right of page) and website are launched.