Our Staff

Polly Lambden (Head of the Riding Stars Project)

I started working with horses when I was 16, before this I had no previous teachings about horses or even riding. My teacher was an ex racer called Legend (pictured with me), he was a bit fiery when I got him but we just fell in love instantly and I knew then I would do whatever it took to get over his issues with him, he was my best friend and made my life complete he understood me like no one else could. If I’d never met legend I’m not to sure where I would be now but I know that the happiness he has given to me I want to share with everyone else, when I was younger I loved horses and always wanted to learn how to ride but I let my vision slip away so as soon as I could I got in a saddle and I learnt how to ride and it’s the best step I’ve ever taken to be able to feel so proud of your animals and to love them with absolute compassion and to see them progress with you, well the feeling you just can’t describe and I don’t think that any child should be taken away from their dream.  Challenged or not horse riding feels like it sets your soul free to be able to choose and progress – that’s the future I want, what about you?